Layher scaffolding for sale new & used from Germany

We are your  professional supplier for original new and used Layher scaffolding , rolling towers, event and cassette roof systems. We provide all common elements whether new or 2nd hand. At Gerüstexperten (Scaffoldingexpert) you will find your system at an unbeatable price. Contact us now by phone on +49 6251 8698420 or use our contact form.

Layher scaffolding
layher scaffolding for sale speedy scaf

Layher Speedy Scaf

layher scaffolding for sale allround

Layher Allround

layher scaffolding for sale tower

Layher Tower

Layher scaffolding for sale: Our offers

Choose from our wide variety of facade- and allround scaffolding, rolling towers, ladders and stairs. Whether steel or aluminium , we supply all common sizes and types meeting your requirements.

We ship all items inclusive all the accessories fast and reliable to you. Or visit us and take a closer look at our depot in 64683 Einhausen Germany. You can buy and take everything right away from here.

Why should you choose Layher scaffolding for sale?

Safety and Quality you can Trust

Layher scaffolding, the world’s leading scaffolding product and innovation that defines performance, quality and safety in the industry. Layher is a scaffold technology manufacturer and innovator that many people trust. All products produced by Layher are designed to make work easier, more efficient, safer and more profitable for people and companies using the scaffolding materials. 

Manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards, the company uses the widest range of testing procedures and equipment that adhere local and international regulations. Layher’s steel and aluminum scaffolding are compatible with the extensive list of equipment, accessories and application.

The Geruestexperten Quality Promise

If you’re looking forward to take advantage of Layher’s quality scaffolding solutions that consistently meet reliability and exceptional standards, Geruestexperten is a professional supplier you can trust. We have Layher scaffolding for sale new and used, cassette roof systems and rolling towers for large quantities.

We use the best of our resources to provide you all common elements whether you require brand new or second hand products. We are your number one resource for the world’s leading scaffolding solutions that meet the highest quality and safety standards in the scaffolding industry.

Enjoy Unbeatable Price

Gets original, quality Layher scaffolding products and professional service at extremely unbeatable price. Your satisfaction is our main priority that’s why we don’t only provide you with original Layher scaffolding products in excellent quality; we make sure you get the best price in the market. At Geruestexperten, we are committed to make comparison shop of new and used Layher’s scaffolding products on your behalf and match the lowest price we find. 

We try our best to monitor our key competitors to ensure Geruestexperten is never beaten on price. We want ensure you’ll get the saving on Layher’s scaffolding when you make a purchase. Not through discount coupons on future purchases but real savings from a low price. We want you to enjoy unbeatable price because we want to give you real value and real experience.

Ensures Market Expertise

We are committed to maintain the high standards of professionalism and service. At Geruestexperten, we’ve built up an outstanding team of people, each expert and highly experienced in their field to ensure our clients are getting the finest service and quality support in the market.

Our team is ready to provide professional service and expert advice when you need it. Contact us now and get assisted by certified experts. You can reach us by phone on +49 6251 8698420 or send us an email.

Worldwide Delivery of New and Used Layher Scaffolding - Choose from Our Quality Offers

Choose from our wide variety of facade. We can supply all common sizes and types as your requirements. Whether you need brand new or used building equipment such as all around scaffolding, ladders and stairs, rolling towers we’ve got your covered!